Oct 2021 |

TIERRA - Exhibition project by Ivana Pinna, Thomas Keis and Enya Idda | HERMAN BASHIRON MENDOLICCHIO



The project Tierra brings together three artists, recent stories from two specific territories, and the echo of a universal scream.

This last one is the too often unheard scream of the planet earth, who is claiming its fragility, who is revealing its limits and boundaries and who is facing the betrayal of one of its oldest inhabitants: the human being. 

Aug 2021 |

Terra Afefé: from diversity we live! | BRUNA COSTA and PAULA BORGHI



Participants at the Apaziá residence, from left to right: Andrea Sahyoun, Bruna Costa, Rose Afefé, Dan Odan, Paula Borghi, Júlia Drandão, Júlia Anadam, Rafa Black, Maria Régis, Cazul, Daniela Komives, Ricardo Campos, Thiene Garrido e Francisco Briza.


Jul 2021 |

El cumpleaños del niño perverso | SÉRGIO MEDEIROS



El juego de Cláudio Trindade, un artista maduro, es un juego limpio, pero siempre tenso y desconcertante.

Me gustaría reflexionar sobre eso, aunque brevemente. Las imágenes contundentes hablan por si mismas...


Voy a proponer una pequeña ficción...


Cláudio Trindade. Que tiro foi esse? 2020

Feb 2021 |

Walking as a Question | International Walking Encounters/Conference - Call for Creative Projects and Papers


International Walking Encounters/Conference

Sunday July 4th to Sunday July 11th2021, Prespa, Greece

Walking as a Question


Feb 2021 |

2021 SFP Short Film Production Grant | Sharjah Art Foundation


SFP2 Short Film Production Grant awardee Julian Alexander on the set of Layla, at Last, 2019. Image courtesy of Julian Alexander


Sharjah Art Foundation Invites Filmmakers from Around the World to Apply for the

2021 SFP Short Film Production Grant


Jan 2021 |

How to deal with controversial monuments? | FEDERICO BELLENTANI


During the protests following the May 2020 killing of George Floyd, various monuments were removed or plans for removal were announced. Removals focused on monuments to the leaders and the military of the Confederate States of America, an unrecognised republic formed by secession of seven slave-holding states existing from 1861 to 1865. In some cases, monuments were removed by the city in an official manner, as the Confederate War Memorial in Dallas, Texas (fig. 1). In some others, monuments were toppled by protesters, as the Statue of Albert Pike in Washington D.C (fig. 2).


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