Jun 2020 |

Looking after culture from afar. Museum professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic | MONSERRAT PIS & MARISA GÓMEZ




In March 2020, the confirmation by the World Health Organization that coronavirus had become a pandemic led to the widespread adoption of a series of prevention and mitigation measures that affected the daily lives of citizens around the world. Among these were the closure of museums and cultural centres of all kinds, regardless of their collections, size, or ownership.

May 2020 |

Call for Artists | Ideaborn Art Contest



Ideaborn has organized its International Online Fine Arts Contest every year since 2012. The Contest has the aim to select and purchase an artwork that will reflect our values among the future year. The winner artwork will also be printed as a New Year's greeting card and sent worldwide to our friends, donors and partners!

Apr 2020 |

Open Call | Libraries as Gardens



Lezli Rubin-Kunda, Tree-library for Libraries as Gardens in Athens, 2018


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
Marcus Tullius Cicero



Mar 2020 |

Leyes Patrimoniales y cambios en los primeros años del Museo Del Prado | IRENE BARRENO GARCÍA, LAURA PASCUAL PACHECO Y NATALIA VILELA ROMERO

Mar 2020 |

Malas hierbas. Jessica Moroni | ANGELICA TOGNETTI



Jessica Moroni, Malas Hierbas, 2020. Photo: Rodrigue Mouchez 


Hay plantas que están por ahí aflorando; aprovechando rendijas despistadas se cuelan y encuentran las maneras de salir adelante, apareciendo donde menos nos las esperamos.

Itxaso Corral Arrieta, Botanografías callejeras.



Dec 2018 |

Interartive 100: Walking Art / Walking Aesthetics

Nov 2018 |

Open Call | WALKING PRACTICES / WALKING ART / WALKING BODIES International Encounters/Conference - Prespes, Greece




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