Call for Artists | Ideaborn Art Contest



Ideaborn has organized its International Online Fine Arts Contest every year since 2012. The Contest has the aim to select and purchase an artwork that will reflect our values among the future year. The winner artwork will also be printed as a New Year's greeting card and sent worldwide to our friends, donors and partners!

Ideaborn is an international consultancy manly focused on the promotion of the human rights worldwide particularly in developing countries with and for the most vulnerable communities. Ideaborn provides its technical assistance in the main areas of the rule of law, peacebuilding and good governance. I f you want to know more about us (click on this link) or visit the main website


The theme of the competition is to represent the deeper identity such as culture, history and everyday life of a developing country in Asia, Africa, Latin and Central America. Those countries are the main area of intervention of our organization, within this contest we are looking for an artwork able to express a snapshot of those societies. The author must have a strong linkage (personal or professional biography) with the place and-or the culture that he-her decides to represent and be aged 30 or under.

A prize of 1.000 Euros will be awarded to the artwork that the jury, invited by ideaborn, considers best represents the theme of the Contest. Our Jury is composed by artists and practitioners. 

Deadline: July 13th 2010

More information: Ideaborn Art Contest