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Jun 2014 |

Felipe Caprestano "face_couture" [2014, JUN]


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Mar 2014 |

Andrea Nacach "Comune di Poggioreale" [2014, MAR]


Text by: Modesta Di Paola

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…And suddenly we face some silent and crumbling ruins. A strange calm difficult to relent. There is no life, only shapeless matter that reveals a distant past, a culture, a society. A sense of loss and loneliness in an indigo blue sky, moved by a soft summer breeze...

Jan 2014 |

Katherine Sultan “All about Eve” [2014, JAN]


Text by: Christina Grammatikopoulou

allabouteve from Katherine Sultan on Vimeo.

La vérité est dans tout, même un peu dans l’erreur
Jean-Luc Godard, Vivre sa vie (1962)




Dec 2013 |

Artur de Vargas Giorgi "Sketches" [2013, DEC]


Text by: Lucila Vilela


Doodles, sketches and scribbles act as notes in the work of Artur Vargas Giorgi, who makes literature in his drawings, evoking small states of mind. That slight scratch touches the body as writing and suggests intimacy. Graphein, from the Greek verb, is to write and to carve at a time. Barthes notes that "the stroke is a body that scratches."


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