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Feb 2012 |

Jesús Madriñán "Veroficciones" [2012, FEB]



Text by: Monserrat Pis Marcos

Click on any image to view gallery.


Often enough, the things that are closer to us are the ones that shake us more strongly. That’s why the artist Jesús Madriñán (Santiago de Compostela, 1984) draws inspiration from his own experience and from the context that surrounds him in order to create his works.

Nov 2011 |

C215 "Barcelona" [2011, NOV]



Text by: Christina Grammatikopoulou

Je ne fais pas les choses pour attirer l'attention, mais pour susciter l' émotion. Celle de ceux qui le souhaitent, qui veulent voir.


The stencils presented here were created by C215 (Christian Guémy) in Barcelona, on October 2011. Click on any image to view gallery.

Oct 2011 |

Ismael Teira "Compostela: Camiños de Desexo" [2011, OCT]


Text by: Marisa Gómez

Ver Atallos en Santiago de Compostela nun mapa máis grande. Click on any image to view gallery.

Compostela: Camiños de Desexo / Compostela: Desire Paths


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