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Sep 2010 |

Eulàlia Valldosera "Interviewing objects # 2. Migrant Objects" [2010, SEP]


Text by: Modersta Di Paola

Eulalia Valldosera - Interviewing Objects (fragment) from interARTive on Vimeo.


Objects, more than compilations of everyday life, are traces of a bygone time, of an exctinct reality linked to our present residual experience.

Jul 2010 |

Christina Mitrentse "Building my library" [2010, JUL]


Text by: Rennard Milner

Christina Mitrentse meticulously investigates the esoteric qualities of myth, notions of interpretation and cultural construction through processes of painting, drawing handcrafted sculpture, installation and conceptual appropriation. Her practice oscillates between that of an archivist, storyteller and artist/curator in an endeavor to designate the peculiarity of this relational space of aesthetics.

Apr 2010 |

Fabiola Scaranto "Entre dois Nadas" [2010, APR]


Text by: Christina Grammatikopoulou

"ἐν τῷ ἀναπνεῖν καὶ ἐκπνεῖν εἶναι

τὸ ζῆν καὶ ἀποθνήσκειν" Αριστοτέλης


Between the body and the soul; between materiality and immateriality; between life and death; between everything an nothing or...

...Between two Nothings...

Feb 2010 |

UNTRANSLATABLES "A guide to translingual dialogue" [2010, FEB]


Text by: Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


Bookcrossing in Brussels from untranslatables on Vimeo.

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Jan 2010 |

Ricardo Basbaum "The Art of Contact: membranosa-entre (NBP)" [2010, JAN]


Text by: Modesta Di Paola

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