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Jun 2016 |

ONLINE EXHIBITION Mary Zygouri "Bath of the Constitution"


Text by Christina Grammatikopoulou

BATH OF THE CONSTITUTION ,1911-2016 from Mary Zygouri on Vimeo.


Mary Zygouri – Bath of the Constitution

May 2016 |

Fê Luz "Poetic Territory"


Text by Lela Martorano


Mar 2016 |

Walmor Corrêa “Metamorfoses e Heterogonia”


Text by Josimar Ferreira



"Let's remember [...] that tree dreamed by Chesterton, which devoured the birds nesting in its branches, and when spring came put out feathers instead of leaves."

[Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero]

Feb 2016 |

Paula Garcia “Noise Body #8”


Text by: Lucila Vilela



 Paula Garcia - #8 (da série Corpo Ruído), 2014

Performance realized on 20/09/2014 The artist is an explorer – Curator: Marina Abramovic, Beyeler Foundation – Basel, Suíça. Duration: 6 hours

Jan 2016 |

New American Public Art "Projects"


Text by: Modesta Di Paola






New American Public Art reflects on Public Art and its possible variations, focusing on community projects that involve the community and its desires.

Nov 2015 |

Icebergs de Quarto. Rafaella Pacheco


Text by: Marisa Gómez



The transformation of the image of an object into something completely different is the exercise carried out by the Brazilian artist Rafaella Pacheco in her series "Icebergs de Quarto" (Room Icebergs, 2015).

Nov 2015 |

Héctor Zamora "REviraVOLTA"


in collaboration with André Hosoi (Barbatuques), Chef Ana Luiza Trajano and Instituto Batucar

Text by: Lucila Vilela

REviraVOLTA from Hector Zamora on Vimeo.


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