Interartive January 2021: On monuments as signs of the moment


January 2021

Special Issue: On monuments as signs of the moment

Editors: Lia Yoka, Federico Bellentani

on monuments as signs of the moment interartive january 2021

Part A – On monuments

How to deal with controversial monuments? | FEDERICO BELLENTANI

Pregnant Statues | LIA YOKA

The Dimitrios shipwreck in Gytheion examined as an accidental monument | ORESTIS PANGALOS

For the benefit of the doubt: On Philippines’ first Easter Sunday mass controversy | MYRON CUBILLAN

Pasado borroso: el juego de damas de Carolina Chebi | MARIANO ZELCER

On the “aura” of the old museums and the “experience” of new ones | ANSELM JAPPE

Good Bye, Lenin? A Footnote on the Dismantling of Monuments | HANS-PETER SÖDER


Part B – New art on memorial culture

Respirator Not Included / Monumental mistakes | SHERRY MILLNER & ERNEST LARSEN

Etnografía de un espacio de creación: rostros y rastros | SILVIA BARBOTTO FORZANO

Contemporary art and semiotics: We are responsible for the heroes we have | DARIA ARKHIPOVA & ALUMINÉ ROSSO


Part C – Sightseeing photography

Roma | LEONIDAS HALKIDIS (english)  (greek)

6 ft apart | PARIS PETRIDIS