May 2016 |

Infraestructuras de lo Digital: Aproximaciones críticas desde la práctica artística (Parte I) | MARISA GÓMEZ

Nov 2015 |

Travelling Theories, contact zones y cosmopolitismo | MODESTA DI PAOLA



En 1992, la teórica Mary Louise Pratt definió “zonas de contacto” (contact zone) los espacios sociales en los que la cultura del colonizador y del colonizado entran en contacto y a veces se fusionan para crear algo nuevo. En estos lugares confluyen y entran en comunicación culturas que han tenido, geográfica e históricamente, trayectorias separadas. Pratt toma en préstamo el término “contacto” desde el ámbito de la lingüística para llevarlo al lugar donde se manifiesta el término “contacto”:

Feb 2015 |

Perceiving through the body: A phenomenological approach to George Khut’s biofeedback interactive art | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU

george-khut-drawing-breath George Khut, The heart library project, image source: artist's website
Jan 2015 |

“Shandies” and Witches: Notes for an essay on Art and Exile | CLAUDIA RODRIGUEZ PONGA


She snatched up a tattered cloak lying in the cattle-shed to cover her nakedness, took wings, so to speak, and before midnight struck, found herself leagues away, far from any thoroughfare, on a desert heath all thistles and brambles.

The heath skirted a wood, where, under the glimpses of an uncertain moon, she was able to scrape together a few acorns, which she munched and bolted like a wild beast.

Oct 2014 |

The World Mountain or The Construction of the Virtual Real | ULRICH GEHMANN AND MARTIN REICHE



Based on World Mountains, the major forces towards an increased functionalization are examined, with a special emphasis on the city. The original conceptions of urban life as a major constituent of a conditio humana are compared with these forces, and their impact on our self-understanding and changed spatial conceptions are discussed, centering upon the ideas of virtuality and grids.




May 2014 |

Acordándose del aire: La ontología de la respiración de Luce Irigaray | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU



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