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Dec 2013 |

Christina Mitrentse’s Wounded Books Series as a Metaphor for (Re-)Incarnation | ANNA MC NAY





Christina Mitrentse (born 1977, Greece) began her Wounded Book series as a response to her contribution to the Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street project, organised by Beau Beausoleil in 2010, to reflect on the damage to humanity and the loss of material knowledge caused by the car bombing in Baghdad’s booksellers’ street on 5 March 2007. Being an artist who works in series, unsurprisingly this one has continued to grow, and it has since been added to Mitrentse’s own ongoing project initiative, Add To My Library, vol. III.

Jan 2013 |

Christina Mitrentse: Welcome to the Multiverse | CHRISTINA MITRENTSE


8 February – 2 March 2013

Private View Thursday 7 February 2013, 6.30 – 8.30

dalla Rosa Gallery


Nov 2012 |

LINEAR B -introduces ‘Performing the collection’- a new species and mode of curatorial practice | CHRISTINA MITRENTSE


Linear B, exhibition views

Apr 2012 |

Reading between the lines: "Add To My Library" Vol. III by Christina Mitrentse | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU


Article by the curator Christina Grammatikopoulou and interview with the artist Christina Mitrentse about the experience of "Add to My Library", Vol.III.
Barcelona, Library of the Faculty Philosophy, History and Geography, University of Barcelona, April 2, 2012.

Apr 2012 |

Leyendo entre las lineas: "Agregar a mi biblioteca" de Christina Mitrentse | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU


Articulo de la curadora Christina Grammatikopoulou y entrevista con la artista Christina Mitrentse sobre la experiencia de "Agregar a mi biblioteca Vol.III", Barcelona, Biblioteca de la Facultad de Filosofía, Historia y Geografía de la Universidad de Barcelona, 2 de Abril 2012.
Para más información, ver aquí



Mar 2012 |

Christina Mitrentse "Add To My Library Vol.III" (Barcelona) [2012, MAR]


International Art Book Project Initiative by London Based Artist Christina Mitrentse

Curated by Christina Grammatikopoulou

Mar 2012 |

Afegeix A La Meva Biblioteca Vol.III de Christina Mitrentse


Un projecte artístic de Christina Mitrentse

Organitzat per Christina Grammatikopoulou

CATALÀ: descarregar informació · descarregar descripció
Dec 2011 |

Art as a Response. A visit to the exhibition “Linear B” | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU



Nikos Alexiou 'Grid’ -detail, digital print on paper, dimensions variable © KIPOS, Nikos Alexiou private foundation, 2010


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