Christina Mitrentse "Add To My Library Vol.III" (Barcelona) [2012, MAR]


International Art Book Project Initiative by London Based Artist Christina Mitrentse

Curated by Christina Grammatikopoulou

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3rd APRIL ,11am- 5pm. University of Barcelona, Library of Faculty of Philosophy, History &Geography,

C. Montalegre, 8, 08001 Barcelona

The Library of Philosophy,History & Geography at University of Barcelona is pleased to host a participatory site specific floor-based installation in which visiting London based artist Christina Mitrentse will perform an ephemeral Meta-Library with the favorite book List contributed by the University readers. This deconstruction forms the Emblem of her work and continual ‘BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATAFLOW’ of ADD TO MY LIBRARY international touring project initiated in 2010. A series of prints, drawings and sculptural books as part this project will also be shown in Mitte gallery Barcelona from 11th April- 10th May 2012.

Add To My LibraryVol.III is an on-going international Art Book project Initiative, created by an innovative systematic methodology, an On-Line Bibliographic Data Flow that compiles favorite book titles/authors selected by international specialists and celebrities from the art world, (i.e museologists, curators, artists, writers, publishers etc), each one adding to an infinitive library. A library the contents of which have been determined by its users, and not by those in power who would seek to constrict and contain the culture of the book. These book proposals then become the literal building blocks of symbolic institutions depicted in print editions, drawings, or in physical interactive installations.

Within the globalised environment dominated by digitisation, e-learning and restricted education, and at a moment when established institutions of learning and Arts are globally in crisis, ATML  is designed to redraw the cultural institution provoking changes in the function of the material book, the notion of book as sacred object and site of subjectivity, while in process de-institutionalising it. Envisaged as an infinite ,on-line reference library for use by both local and the global  community, the project has so far positively attracted over 200 international participants from as far a field as China. A personal, cultural and social history of our times,it is intended that ultimately the library will be an invaluable and essential aid to academic research and personal inquisitiveness through the dedicated Bibliographic Data Flow printed publication volumes.

So, as new data from contributors is gathered, the exercise of adding to and activating ‘My Library’ intensifies the process ,a locus not only to remix the ‘ catalogue’ but also alter the physical and pictorial space of the library, being primarily intended to make the viewer ponder their ‘text’ of civilisation in crisis.

Christina Mitrentse is an international multidisciplinary artist, curator and educator based in London. She has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and public spaces including Liverpool Biennial UK,XV Biennale de Mediterranean Thess/niki-Rome, ICA London, NDSM-werf Amsterdam, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,  Mitte  gallery Barcelona, Royal Academy UK. Her work has been profiled and reviewed in major publications including AN Magazine, Frieze and InteraRtive and has been acquired by private & public collections including Greenwich Council, The Women’s Library Goldsmiths, Bank Street Arts Centre, Sill Library Bath, Tate Archive, Penguin Collectors Society, Griechische Kultustiftung Berlin, M. Altenman NY, Onassis Foundation, Beltios Collection, Benaki Museum N.Alexiou and E.Venizelos Airport Athens.

Christina Grammatikopoulou is an art theorist and curator based in Barcelona. She is a member of the research group “Art, Architecture and Digital Society” of the University of Barcelona, currently working on her PhD dissertation about the body and new technologies in art. She has previously collaborated with the Centre of Contemporary Art in Greece and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA). She is the editor of the contemporary international art magazine Interartive.

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