Interartive #93:Malta: A culture in Transformation



Malta, Culture in Transformation | HERMAN BASHIRON MENDOLICCHIO (english)

Valletta 2018: plotting a map of our time | KARSTEN XUEREB (english)

Futuring MUŻA … and a manifesto for European public art museums | SANDRO DEBONO (english)

The Development of Contemporary Art in Malta: An Overview | KATYA MICALLEF (english)

BLITZ | Interview with Alexandra Pace (english)

Art in Public Space. A case study of FRAGMENTA Malta told in its own words | BETTINA HUTSCHEK (english)

At the crossroads of cultures and people. The Valletta 2018 Artist in Residence programme | ANN LAENEN (english)

Past perfect? | VERONICA STIVALA (english)

Online Exhibition:

Home is Where Mom is | DEEMA SHAHIN (english)


Special Issue Managing Editor: Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

In partnership with Valletta 2018 Foundation.