Interartive #84




Death from television broadcasting via Bullet data image | TAIDA KUSTURICA (english)

Monumento al caminante. Sobre el jardín y el deseo de atravesar el paisaje | ISMAEL TEIRA (spanish)

Mugwort, Wormwood, and how little we know about the end of the world | SHANE FINAN (english)

Speculations from the Field. Notes on Rohini Devasher’s Archaeologies of the Future: Chaos and Coincidence at Vis a Vis, New Delhi | SRINIVAS ADITYA MOPIDEVI (english)

Infrastructures of the Digital: Critical Approaches from Art Practice (Part II) | MARISA GÓMEZ (english) (spanish)

Online exhibition:

Diogo Duda: What do objects say about things? | Text by: Marisa Gómez (text in english, spanish, portuguese, italian, greek)