Issue #60, February 2014




Cardboardia: developing cultural mobility in and out of Russia | MAYYA LOBOVA (english)

Construcción de ruinas: Valerie Hegarty | LUCILA VILELA (spanish) (portuguese)

Hotel Jugoslavia: Spacio-temporal Mosaics of Memorabilia | AMANI MAIHOUB (english)

Incertidumbre en los modos organizativos en danza | ELKE SIEDLER (spanish) (portuguese)

Revolution as Aesthetics [PART II] | AHMAD HOSNI (english)

The word as a weapon | AMOR MARSE (english) (spanish)


The 55th Venice Art Biennale and the Net. Who is the real winner of the exhibition? | VOICES FROM THE BLOGS & MARIA NOVOZHILOVA (english)

“Top Secret”: espionaje (¿o paranoia?) | PALOMA G. DÍAZ (spanish)

Online Exhibition:

Daniel Yacubovich “Manteles al Óleo. Coordenadas de Consumo” (text in english, spanish, portuguese, italian, greek)


Culture and Urban Space: Call for papers and art projects | INTERARTIVE (english)(spanish)