Interartive #85




“Punk. Sus rastros en el arte contemporáneo”. Entrevista con David G. Torres, comisario de la exposición | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU (english) (spanish)


Surveillance Countermeasures: Expressive Privacy via Obfuscation | DANIEL C. HOWE (english)

Atis Rezistans: The Visual Rhetoric of Haitian Art and Haitian Trash | CHRISTOPHER GARLAND (english)

Kowloon, by LRM Locus: filming the underground | PAZ OLIVARES (english) (spanish)

ORLAN // Narrating Ideas for the Future of “Self” | JAYNE BUTLER (english)

Review of A.O. Scott’s Better Living through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Literature, Beauty, and Truth | RANDY LAIST (english)

Online exhibition:

Mary Zygouri "The Bath of Constitution". Text by: Christina Grammatikopoulou (english, spanish, greek, portuguese, italian)


A l’intérieur / Στο εσωτερικό | PHILIPPE LAFERRIERE (english, french, greek)