Casa, 2010, Lucila Vilela. Foto: Cristiano Prim


If to Lygia Clark "the body is the house" the exhibition of Lucila Vilela, held in October at a residence located at Rua Reinaldo Consoni Academic, 122, Córrego Grande, Florianópolis, Brazil showed me that the house is also body. The exhibition "House" brought together in one place objects and performances. The propositions of Lygia Clark and space-behavior of the possibilities opened by Helio Oiticica question the subject-object condition and found a different relationship: the artist-work-audience. Similarly, the experience in the exhibition “Home” suggests an analogy with these three dimensions.

An ontological dimension, reflected in a challenging willingness on the scene for four hours. It explores the house as a place of transformative experience of the existence of each artist member of the project, namely the ballerina Diana Gilardenghi and Juliana Figueredo, musician Dio de Haro and DJ Neggo Billy, the actress Barbara Biscaro and actor Marlon Spicherer.

Another dimension of space, was experienced in an open cabinet or lighting a candle by a spectator. It is assumed that the architectural space as a collective structure creates a house-body sustained in trial and unexpected outbreak of another.

You can even ask what was determined during the rehearsal. Here the notion of experimental Oiticica asserts itself: "... the word "experimental" is appropriate, not to be understood as descriptive of an act to be tried later in terms of success or failure, but as an act whose outcome is unknown."

This lack of knowledge opens up the possibilities of a perceptive or aesthetic dimension, which proposes a break with the habit. There is subversion in that house where everyday gestures like ironing, making a bed, squeezing an orange, brushing teeth take other meanings of those they usually confer. This unusual experience with the object and the coexistence with others reveal such an unusual way  to be in the world. In this house-body they conceive a space that nurtures creative coexistence.



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