Espacios híbridos y reescrituras urbanas El caso del MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz_città meticcia | CRISTINA GRECO, ELIA CORNELIO-MARÍ

   Italiano Introducción[1] En la zona periférica oriente de Roma, existe un experimento de regeneración urbana, donde el arte literalmente es la trinchera que protege a una comunidad formada por migrantes que han llegado a Italia ...

Spazi ibridi e riscritture urbane. Il caso MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz_città meticcia | CRISTINA GRECO, ELIA CORNELIO-MARÍ

Español Introduzione[1] Alla periferia est di Roma, esiste un esperimento di rigenerazione urbana, dove l’arte diventa letteralmente la trincea per una comunità composta da migranti giunti in Italia dal Perú, dall’Ecuador, ...



Street Art and its languages | MODESTA DI PAOLA and MARCO MONDINO

Street Art is one of the artistic languages today increasingly present in the media and cultural debate. Born as an expression of a spontaneous intervention, Street Art has imposed itself as an artistic practice that takes a lot of forms, shapes, ...

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When Street Art is Politics: The Case of the Italian Blu | MARIA DOMENICA ARCURI

When we talk about the phenomenon of street art we have to consider both its features and the urban space with which it interacts. Many of the street art interventions have some features typical of subculture, such as rebellion, reappropriation of ...

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October 2016 | English, Politics, Street Art

STATE-SANCTIONED ICONOCLASM: A question and an answer concerning the damnatio memoriae of a radical gesture | LIA YOKA and ORESTIS PANGALOS

In this town, nobody seems to be afraid of graffiti. Many would call it “creative intervention” and might even see it as anticipating the true Commons, a space that transcends fake public/private divides. They count “street art” among ...

October 2016 | English, Interviews, Street Art

Purring session with M.CHAT | ALEX DE QUERZEN

français Hello. If in a previous interview, I’ve talked about my coulrophobia (ask Mimi the Clown for details), I need to admit I’m a cat person. In fact, I know two of them. Err, no, 4. Mmh maybe 8. Or more. So, just before the private view ...