Surveillance Countermeasures: Expressive Privacy via Obfuscation | DANIEL C. HOWE

[T]o radically automate and to automate radically as a careful ethical and aesthetic gesture.[1]   The ubiquity of the web-browser as an interface to the web, and to digital content in general, has by now surpassed that of any other ...


“Punk. Its traces in contemporary art”. An interview with David G. Torres, curator of the exhibition | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU

español Hans-Peter Feldmann '5 Pound Bill with Red Nose', 2012. Courtesy of Projecte SD, Barcelona. Source:   Christina Grammatikopoulou: This year, considered as the 40th anniversary since the emergence of Punk, has been ...


Atis Rezistans: The Visual Rhetoric of Haitian Art and Haitian Trash | CHRISTOPHER GARLAND

I Between November 2009 and November 2015 the Grand Rue neighborhood in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti has played host to four Ghetto Biennales—a celebration and exhibition of art beyond the country’s well-renowned folk painting. In recent ...

June 2016 | English, Review

Review of A.O. Scott’s Better Living through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Literature, Beauty, and Truth | RANDY LAIST

In his 1981 film, History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks depicts the birth of art: a cave man paints a portrait of a large mammal on a cave wall as a crowd of onlookers grunts in approval.  In Brooks’s movie, this epochal moment is followed ...


ORLAN // Narrating Ideas for the Future of “Self” | JAYNE BUTLER

  ORLAN // FEMINIST THEORY by ABSTRACT MEANS “Beauty is becoming less about luck and more about choice.”[1] Orlan, a female artist from France, exercised her right of choice, as well as control when she received nine consecutive ...