OPEN CALL: Mink Festival



Mink festival
A zoo of the pandemic


The animal in the pandemic, the animal and the pandemic.
The animal as a cause of the pandemic_bats and other animals packed and sold in markets
The animal as a pet saviour _ the dog as an extension, a passport for exit during the lockdowns
The animal as a postponed accessory hecatomb_ million minks killed, just in case they may have transmitted a mutation of the virus to humans
Humans care for their dead. The minks are also our dead, not just the human victims of the pandemic.
Has the pandemic trauma rendered us indifferent, or are we embodying the trauma, obtaining the power of our coronavirus enemy by performing a mass animal killing?

Magenta curates an online festival exhibition space and addresses an open call for works inspired by the zoo of the pandemic.
The deadline for the opening phase is Friday, 11th December 2020.
The opening date of the online festival exhibition space is scheduled for Monday, 21st December 2020.
The selection of works will be ongoing and the festival will get updated with new entries every Monday, until 22nd February 2021. The final phase of mink festival will remain online for another month, closing on 21st March 2021.

We welcome photos, sound art, videos, films, recorded/live streamed performance, poetry, oral manifestos, theoretical interventions and comments (max duration: 5 mins).
Submission material should include a link to the submitted work (e.g. vimeo) and may also include a concept note (max 200 words) & a short bio (max 50 words). Only full videos/works to be submitted.
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