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Sweet Home is a research residency programme in private homes in Madrid organized by hablarenarte: in the framework of Curators' Network.

Sweet Home is a research residency programme taking place in domestic spaces that delivers new ways of doing and relating to each other by sharing our day-to-day life. We seek to create effective and affective ties between artists, curators, researchers and other cultural agents, transforming our homes into places of encounter that enable new practices of shared intimacy.

Sweet Home seeks to generate:

1. Exchange and mobility, through a two-week residency.

2. Professional networks and international collaborations, through a personalized agenda for each of the guests and visits to representative art spaces of Madrid.

3. Transfer of knowledge and reflection, through public presentations of the guests' body of work.

For the 2018 edition of Sweet Home we are searching for 6 artists, creators, curators, researchers or other cultural agents working with visual and performing arts for a research residency in Madrid from May 30th to June 13th, 2018.

The residents will stay in the guest rooms of the six Madrid based cultural agents who were selected in a previous phase (see document above with a list of the hosts). The hosts will provide accommodation for the guests, and will introduce them to their closest artistic context.


The topic of the present edition of Sweet Home is non-productivity.

The lack of moments in our daily lives where we can be non-productive is an almost inevitable discussion in the cultural sector, where professional and private life constantly overlap. For Sweet Home this topic is more than relevant, as these fruitful, and at the same time, challenging private-professional interconnections are an inherent part of the project's foundations. In this Sweet Home edition we would like to give the residents space to reflect on the significance and relevance of non-productivity and to, ideally, deepen an already existing line of research.


This open call is is made according to the following



  1. Calendar:
  • We offer six residencies taking place in Madrid, from May 30th to June 13th 2018.
  • Application dates: February 27th to March 21st, 2018.
  • Application deadline: March 21st, 2018, 23:59 MET


  1. Eligibility:
  • The call is open to visual artists, actors, dancers, curators, directors, choreographers, playwrights, researchers and other cultural agents from all disciplines within the context of performing and visual arts, in whose work, research plays an important role.
  • This edition of Sweet Home is aimed at international residents, for this reason applicants living in Spain are not eligible.
  • The call is especially aimed at professionals with a high level of excellence, but without a consolidated international career, as one of the primary goals of Curators’ Network is to promote art-professionals who are still not well known in a larger international context.
  • Besides their professional profile, applicants should thoroughly research about Curators' Network and the context of Madrid. Additionally, they are asked to submit a proposal explaining the research they would like to work on while in Madrid. The proposals do not have to be definitive and can be expanded/adjusted during the course of the residency.
  • Applicants should have at least a moderate level of spoken English or Spanish and should feel comfortable engaging in discussions in one of these two languages.
  • Applications can be submitted in English and Spanish.
  • There is no age limit.


  1. Commitments of the host:
  • The hosts will provide accommodation for the residents in a guest room of their flat.
  • Each hosts will introduce the resident to its closest artistic context.
  • The host has no commitments of any kind with regard to cleaning, meals, etc, beyond the proper arrangement of the house for the accommodation of the guest.


  1. Commitments of the resident:
  • Each resident agrees to narrate the process of his/her time in Madrid through the Art-Spy section of Curators' Network.
  • Successful candidates from non-EU countries who need a Visa are required to arrange it with sole responsibility.
  • The successful candidates are responsible to organize their health insurance valid in Spain.


  1. Commitments of the organization:
  • hablarenarte undertakes to set an agenda of activities that will help the resident to develop the research, and further facilitate the resident’s contact with local agents. The organization will also mediate between resident and host and promote a positive relationship between them.
  • The successful applicants will be assigned a permanent profile and presentation space at
  • The successful applicants will have the possibility to participate in different public and semi-public presentation formats.


  • hablarenarte covers travel costs for a maximum value of 300,00 € for applicants coming from EU-countries and 700,00 € for applicants coming from non-EU countries.
  • hablarenarte pays a fee of 700,00 € (VAT included) to each resident.
  • hablarenarte pays subsistence costs of a total of 210,00 € (VAT included) to each resident.


  1. Liability:
  • hablarenarte: is not the house owner, and does not sell, give, provide, rent, manage and/or control any properties. hablarenarte: is not responsible for any loss of property or personal or material damage that may occur during, or because of the resident's stay, or that could be attributed to these residences


7. hablarenarte and the local hosts will choose the residents on the basis of profile and research proposal. The selection results will be announced before April 6th, 2018.


About Curators' Network

Curators’ Network was founded in 2010 as a platform for the interconnection and exchange of local knowledge to the mutual benefit of all of the involved art professionals and their institutions. The general aim of Curators’ Network is to foster the international promotion and interconnection of art professionals who live and work in environments that can be considered peripheral to the main centres of contemporary art. It seeks international visibility for these professionals as well as the transfer of local knowledge to an international community and vice versa. Curators' Network is a project of hablarenarte:.


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