Open Call | Agora Collective Residency Programme


Residency Open Call for artists, curators, artist collectives and initiatives in Berlin
Agora Collective Residency is part of CAPP – Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme-supported by Creative Europe.
Application Deadline: 23.00 (GMT+1), Friday 24 June 2016

This opportunity will enable one successful application to undertake a fully funded residency at Agora Collective in Berlin from September 1st to November 30th 2016 (3 months). Agora Collective Residency Programme 2016
is conceived solely for Berlin-based artists, curators, collectives and initiatives.

Agora Collective Residency Programme extends Agora´s mission to provide new opportunities for Berlin´s vibrant artistic scene. The residency is part of The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme. CAPP is a transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts. The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by enhancing mobility and exchange whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices.

Agora Collective Residency Programme will provide to the selected participant:
- living support for 3 months (850€ each month; a total of 2550€)
- material, research and production costs (500€ each month; a total of 1500€)
- exhibition production costs (a total of 1000€)
- 3 months of 30 sq. meter studio with 24- hour access in the new complex
- Agora´s team support, coordination & communication

The selected participant must:
- lead an AFFECT Workshop Module at Agora during the month of November (3 times-week session) with minimum of 10 participants
- make an exhibition project in the end of the programme in relation to the three-months programme.

CAPP is supporting the development of collaborative arts across Europe with the following Partners: Create-Ireland (coordinating lead partner), hablarenarte: Madrid, Heart of Glass Liverpool, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Live Art Development Agency London, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, M-Cult Helsinki, Tate Liverpool and Agora Collective.

Residency Format

The residency consists of a three-month long format, divided into three-phases to be developed in the city of Berlin and its surroundings from September until November 2016. The programme focuses on a residency format for practitioners who are willing to explore multitudes within their practices (The Artist as an Ethnographer, The Artist as a Researcher, The Artist as an Educator). Within this frame, Agora is interested to receive a project proposal that respond artistically to each of these phases.

(Sep. 2016) Month One # Artist as an Ethnographer

The first phase of the project is thought to propose a relationship between artistic practices and fieldwork; Agora invites the selected practitioner to investigate the idea of the Artist as Ethnographer.

This phase of the programme suggests that the artist can act as a transmission cell, exploring the interest in documenting and studying a specific community.

The main questions to be addressed during this phase are:

Which communities/groups/social phenomena existing in Berlin´s current urban landscape could be interesting objects for this investigation? And how this would this´ethnography` take shape?

(Oct. 2016) Month Two # Artist as a Researcher/Translator

The second phase of the project invites the selected practitioner to develop a context to translate the material collected in the first phase into an artistic research.

The Artist as a Researcher phase aims to be the moment where thoughts can be shared through language and imagery. This phase represents a significant expansion of the possibilities for art and its practitioners, as well as a broadening of artistic discourse.

Which will be the methodology and set of questions to give continuation to the work to be developed?
What are the materials, compositions and artworks that are derived from this research?

(Nov. 2016) Month Three # Artist as an Educator

The third phase of the project explores the relationship between art practice and artist-led pedagogy.

The Artist as an Educator merges with the module of AFFECT, Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices. This means that the artist will facilitate the last module of AFFECT culminating in a final exhibition developed in collaboration with the participants of the workshop in November 2016 at Agora Rollberg.

AFFECT 2016 is conceived as a 7-month-long program consisting of seven consecutive modules, each led by an international artist who invites participants to collectively explore a topic, develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month, culminating in a public event presented in the city of Berlin.
Resembling an immersive academy, AFFECT 2016 programme offers a diverse curriculum of workshops growing out of the research and practice of the Berlin-based facilitating artists and curators.

How can one practitioner disseminate the findings within a larger group of participants and fellow artists?
How these 3 months programme can be displayed into an exhibition project?

Selection and Eligibility
Agora Collective Residency Programme invites artists, art collectives, curators, project spaces and initiatives interested in the field of collaborative practices to apply with a specific proposal of research for the residency. The selected artist, curator or collective should be interested in facilitating collaborative working environments, culminating in facilitating a month long workshop taking place at Agora Rollberg.

Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices in Berlin is based on an interdisciplinary approach. Some of the main fields of interest for the development of the programme are: Visual Art – Film – Sound and Music – Dance/Choreography – Theoretical Practices – Philosophy – Writing – Architecture – Curation – Performance – Creative Science Crossovers – Ecology – Political/Social Activism – Web Programming – Design – Innovation – Animation – Technology.

Selection Process
The artist will be selected on the basis of their application. The Jury will consist of: Agora Collective, Ellen Blumenstein, Kordula Fritze-Srbic, Solvej Helweg Ovesen. The successful artist will be notified by end of July 2016.

Application Procedure
Submit the application to as a pdf, no bigger than 10 MB and name the file as following: Full Name_ ResidencyCAPP_ AgoraCollective _2016.pdf

1. An artist’s statement describing your practice (up to 250 words)
2. website link or a minimum of 10 images of recent work
3. A simple statement outlining your plans for each month ( One # Artist as an Ethnographer, Two # Artist as a Researcher/Translator, Three # Artist as an Educator) This proposal does not have to be definitive and can be adapted during the residency
4. A CV.

About Agora:
Started in Neukölln in 2011, Agora’s philosophy is grounded in the inextricable web that unites community, diversity and social collaboration through artistic and sustainable practices. Their new space dubbed Agora Rollberg, measures 2200m2 and sits just a 5 minute stroll from its sister site in Mittelweg. Once the Kindl Brewery, this industrial hall will house an event and exhibition program, month long workshops, affordable studio spaces, a residency program and a new contemporary dance centre called Agora Move and the Circular Economy Lab.

Application Deadline: 23.00 (GMT+1), Friday 24 June 2016

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