Call for artworks. Art Contest | IDEABORN


For our fifth consecutive year, Ideaborn is hosting an art contest to select and purchase an image for our New Year greeting card. Ideaborn seeks submissions by artists whose work helps to reflect the economic, social and cultural reality of a developing country. The theme of the competition is the cultural and social reality of a country, its history and everyday life; the artwork awarded should represent the deeper identity of a country in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  A jury composed by professionals in the art field will evaluate all the artworks and select the winner among all participants.The prize of 1000 € is intended to buy the winner piece and its copyrights. All the artworks will be also promoted via our website and social networks. This year will mark ideaborn’s fourth formalized contest, and we ask that all submissions follow the listed rules for entry. Deadline: 30th June 2016 For detailed information click here