Pina Bausch Fellowship for Dance and Choreography



“It is not about art, also not about pure technique. It is about life, and therefore it is about finding a language for life.“
- Pina Bausch


Finding a language for life – the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Pina Bausch Foundation follow up on Pina Bausch’s credo with a co-developed grant programme and award the Pina Bausch Fellowship for Dance and Choreography for the first time in 2016.

The sponsorship is meant for:

  • grants for a temporary residence at renowned institutions for dance and choreography abroad
  • a non-paid participation in an ensemble or a placement with a choreographer at home or abroad
  • the studies of dance techniques with renowned personalities at home or abroad

The scholarship holders get to discover new forms of expression and to extend their repertoire of movements in order to spur their artistic development. Each fellowship can take a minimum of three months and no longer than six months. It includes a monthly allowance of 2.500 Euros and one-time travel expenses. Up to four fellowships are granted each year. The Fellowship is promoted internationally and aims at single artists from the fields of dance and choreography (dancers and choreographers). They can apply if they meet the personal requirements.

General information on the application

An application for the Pina Bausch Fellowship 2016 is possible from June 1st to October 1st, 2015, and here only.

The application procedure requires:

  • letter of motivation (IN ENGLISH)
  • CV in tabular form (IN ENGLISH)
  • information on the planned date and duration of the stay
  • letter of intent from the cooperating partner (e.g. an ensemble, a renowned person or institution from the field of dance or choreography, IN ENGLISH)
  • press cuttings (optional)
  • video material

For choreographers:

  • a selection of public performances (no more than three videos)

For dancers:

  • a selection of performances in artistic productions (no more than two videos) and a recording of an artistic performance based on a task that they set for themselves (one video, no longer than five minutes)

Personal requirements

For dancers:

  • university/academic degree in dance and/or two years professional experience with a renowned ensemble

For choreographers:

  • independent creation of at least one production with a public performance in the last three years

Please note that you need to provide the video-material online, e.g. by secure file upload to a video portal. You can specify the links and passwords (if any) in the application form. For technical reasons we do not recommend to use YouTube or Dailymotion for your upload. Videos, whose links are not functional, can unfortunately not be considered.


The grant holders are selected by an international panel and will be announced in mid-December 2015. The panel’s decision is final and incontestable.

Kick-off and conclusion

The selected participants take part in an introductory week in Wuppertal from January 27th to 31st, 2016. Following the end of the fellowship, they introduce their results with a lecture in Wuppertal.

All information at a glance is available
for download here