Call for Entries | Short Video Biennial 2015


Short Video Biennial 2015
P74 Gallery, Ljubljana

P74 Gallery is proud to announce the 5th International Short Video Biennial -5 MINUTES. With the theme Insomnia Dyslexia, guest curator Ece Pazarbaşı has positioned the concept within the radius of the physical and psychological state of one’s ‘mis’-being.

Insomnia Dyslexia is an unofficial term that defines the outcome when lack of sleep results in misspelling, mispronouncing or misacting. Dyslexia caused by insomnia prevents one from generating a coherent sentence in a conversation or a fluid movement in action. Insomnia cancause a mystified result in written, oral or behavioural acts, or in all of these forms. The notion is that a transformed product (dyslectic outcome) appears because of a human being’s basic broken (sleep) pattern. It appears as the very moment when what the mind thinks and what the body utters do not match. Although the thought and the said are not co-ordinated, at the same time their combination describes the reality of the current moment fully. Be it a Freudian slip or not, the transformed utterance/act (within its own system) is always as meaningful as the thought utterance/act. And both the transformed outcome and the dyslectic outcome stem from the same source, that is, from the same individual. Although the transformed outcome and the dyslectic outcome may divert from each other in terms of content, the presence of the source makes them compatible. That is, the act or the word from the insomniac source and what the act or word could have been coming from a “well-slept” source complete each other. The intended word/act and the dyslectic outcome are the two parts of a whole within their own concept. The act in the mind of the source starts anyway as a non-dyslectic act, yet when it is externally expressed, it becomes a dyslectic fact.

The International Short Video Biennial -5 MINUTES with its theme Insomnia Dyslexia will deal with two parts of the brain that both complete and compete with each other. In this condition, one part cannot exist without the other, but each is also meaningful on its own. And indeed the togetherness of these two parts as a “couple” is the main condition to reveal the utmost reality. From among the submitted videos, the jury will select video works that complete each other. The works can be about the misconception of the body itself, about sleeping facilities, about the paradoxes of the brain, about hyper reality or about other themes in line with Insomnia Dyslexia. A guiding theme of complementarity will be sought between the works, which will be carefully interlaced in the biennial’s venues.

The three-member jury will select video works that will be shown at P74 Gallery in Ljubljana in October 2015. A publication presenting the selected video works and their authors will accompany the exhibition.

Ece Pazarbaşı works and walks on the merged borderline of curatorial practice and artistic research as her main profession. With 13 years of experience in the curatorial and art management field, she has realised many projects around the issues of alternative education, urbanism, digital and analogue public space, food, participatory art and the technology of the human body. She has collaborated with various institutions and events, including the New Museum’s Ideas City: Istanbul, ARTER Istanbul, Platform Garanti CAC, Tanas Berlin, and the Turkish Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennale. She had the privilege to take part in Olafur Eliasson’s Institute for Spatial Experiments with a special research grant. She is teaching and advising graduate students at Transart Institute in New York and Berlin. She lives in Istanbul and Berlin.

P74 Center and Gallery

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Conditions for applying:

  • There is no entry fee.
  • The submitted video works must be shorter than 5 minutes.
  • Each author may submit only one work.
  • Video works must be submitted as video files on DVD or USB memory stick (avi, mpeg or mov format).
  • Each submitted video must be accompanied by 2 video stills (jpg), a short synopsis, CV and contact information (e-mail and postal address).

Deadline: 30 June (postmarked) or if you send a download link (by midnight-Central European CET time).

All authors will be notified about the selection in the beginning of October 2015.

Please note: All works will be stored in our archive and will not be returned.


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