Call for Proposals | NOMADIC VILLAGE 2015


Since 2009 the Nomadic Village has been a 2 weeks annual settlement of artists on the road. In 2015 it will become a swarm of people on the move for 4 months, travelling across several European countries and stopping along the way to establish 3 different Villages. Artists on the road are invited to propose projects for the entire trip, or parts of it. They will determine their own travelling schedules and use GPS tracking devices to create spontaneous meetings on the road. The Villages are conceived as meeting points as well as production and presentation opportunities.

You'll find the Call for Proposals here:



Some selection criteria:
• Projects favoring themes such as: nomadism, displacement, dislocation, working without borders, exploring places, encouraging meeting and interacting with strangers, and seeking the unexpected.
• Work influenced by the location and reacting to the situations.
• Artists on the road sharing their creations with local communities.
• Access to live/work mobile space for the travelling stages of the trip
• Access to live/work space for the Villages
• Have a look at Nomadic Village's Ethos at the end of this document

The Villages will provide:
• Facilities, including electricity, toilets, running water, wireless connection.
• Food: dinners will be prepared either by our hosts or the participants; breakfast and lunch on a DIY basis.
• Contacts with the local community.

During Travel-time we will provide:
• GPS tracking of the projects, which will enable spontaneous meetings on the road.
• ORP's infrastructure of places where artists on the road can stay (in Northern Italy).
• Projects are asked to add to the collection of places to stay.

How to apply:
• Give us a comprehensive description of the project you are planning to realize.
• Make sure that we get a good idea of who you are.
• Let us know exactly who you'll bring or involve (partners, assistants, friends, family, children, animals).
• Describe clearly how you will live and work.
• Make clear which part of the trip you plan to join
• Applicants are welcomed to discuss their projects with us before applying.
• Send your application to the Captain:
• Deadline: 30th of January 2015
• We will inform of the selection results on the 10th of February 2015.

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