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Yota Andriakaina’s "Wefts", freed of the charge of tradition, redefine the use of the yarn.

They mix the present with the past of art history through the works of Velázquez and Whistler. In her compositions, the idea of wandering is connected to the concept of time.

Through weaving, she associatively creates myths of resistance to the current social reality.

Somewhere she notes: "If life were a thread, it would probably be strained. And if thoughts were skeins, they would definitely be colorful".

To declare the willful inaction of patience and the powerful choice of perseverance she says:

"I caught thethreadof the narrative. My tool is afragile, daily andhumblematerial–the thread. I soughtlinksbetween the self and the other,the present and thepast, the history of art andthe estuaries oftoday. Repeating,copyinglarge andbeloved artworks, I wanted to study, to focus on the way of art inch by inch.

The thread is becomes a skein, it follows a thought- stitch, it unravels and it goes back to the beginning "