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Aeolian Currents Summer School will be one of the Sound Tectonics interdisciplinary workshops of a longer duration organized by the independent research centre Space Under. The research field of Sound Tectonics focuses on the realm of sound art and architecture.

The workshop will take place in the Cycladic island of Paros, from 10 - 24 July 2014 with the support of the Municipality of Paros and “Pontoporos” Art Space. The group of tutors and collaborators consists of internationally renowned architects, musicians and experts, such as British artist and composer Max Eastley and Spanish architect and academic Javier Pena Galiano.

During the summer school, we will explore aeolian phenomena in order to design and construct apparatuses, which are based on sound, musicality and energy force. The research will be structured upon the extensions of sound art, whilst the result will be the construction of experimental devices and instruments together with energy production. As a team, we do aim to explore ways through which design possibilities and the production of prototypes can be incorporated within the architectural way of thinking and practice.

The workshop will be based on both natural and mechanical waves as they appear in wind and sound. We will interpret our natural environment through motion, change, frequencies, materiality and resonance. During the workshop we will combine tutorials on energy and parametric software, interactive hardware and techniques that derive from physical in-situ experiments. The final stage of Aeolian Currents will regard the construction of mechanisms and apparatuses that combine architecture, sound art and energy design and thus the design of an autonomous system of spatial interaction.


Student Learning outcomes


By the end of the Sound Tectonics Workshop participants will:

- have gained theoretical and practical background on different areas of architecture and design, other than conventional practices
- be trained in programming software and arduino hardware
- be trained on techniques used in sound art
- be able to work in complex systems that incorporate new technologies
- be able to creatively combine different disciplines
- have gained confidence and the know-how to further continue their research in the introduced subjects of the workshop
- have contributed to the final construction of the project, which can then use in their portfolios and be part of any publications
- be part of the Sound Tectonics network, with the possibility of collaborating with us in the future


The workshop is open to international students and professionals from different artistic fields such as architecture, fine arts, sound art, music, engineering etc.


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