Here I stand, into this silence, with eyes open to the parasites.

Left: "Comparison", 2008, 140 Χ 180 cm, mixed media on canvas | Right: "Family day in 2008", 2008, 130 Χ 162 cm, mixed media on canvas

A room can accommodate a whole personal universe. It can be the beginning or the end of someone's microcosm.

Not long ago I got to face and confront the world of Vasilis Sivvas into his studio. I was there along with Picasso, Matisse and Kitaj, together with the solidity of human figure in almost all its aspects.

Everything was firm, articulate and clear. To such an extend, that I almost feel I am coming across this experience.

Everything was real. Real painting for real people.

With virtues emerging from the history of painting, Vasilis Sivvas is keeping close to him the grand teachers and painters of the 20th century. They are his companions. In his artworks all the people he loves crowd round again and again. Those are all the persons, who somehow get into his dreams and they constitute his existence, always into the same super staffed space.

Will he ever leave them? Though in his first works (this is actually his first solo exhibition) he refuses to leave blanks and people (horror vacui?) and though the richness of colors and figures compose his existence, he gradually seems to let the human figure alone. The rich color surfaces are reduced, they become black and white, empty, expressional.

The encirclement is yet there again. The human figure is isolated into a sealed introvert world. Like lonely self-portraits under deconstruction. Maybe this loneliness is a result, maybe the terminus of optimism.

The reason for everything is sentimental. Sivvas doesn't seek for pretentiousness, nor does he try to be something he's not. Simply, and with no fear, he declares that his world is born via sentiments and that's where it turns to. Caged in there, he stays into a bird-trap and there he waits. He looks at us with eyes wide open. With no hurries. Until the cage opens up and he'll be able to fly.

"At the café", 2008, 153 Χ 170 cm, mixed media on canvas