Issue #65, July-August 2014 :: Special Issue: Culture and Urban Space


  INTRODUCTION: > Editorial: Culture + Urban Space | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU > Urban Encounters and Conflicts: Presentation | URBAN ENCOUNTERS AND CONFLICTS INTERVIEWS: > Cartografía Pública Digital como dispositivo para la imaginación política: Entrevista a Antoni Abad | DIANA PADRÓN ALONSO > Crosstalk dialogue – Olivier Grossetête and Zimmerfrei | JASMINE LEBERT & QUENTIN GUISGAND (LIEUX PUBLICS) - English / French > Street Art. Entrevista a Omino71 y Mr. Klevra | MARISA GÓMEZ TEXTS: > In search of hope and optimism at Clapham Junction | CAMILLA BRUETON > UrbEx: Adventure, Invention and History in non-spaces | SUSAN BIRD > Art, Public Space and The Virtual Commons | SANTIAGO GIRALDO ANDUAGA, MARK KANTERS, ANTWAN RUCKER > The Creative Shift – Considerations on the 21st Century Approach to Cultural Urban Planning: the Case of Berlin | CLAUDIA SELDIN > Gentrifying of the memory and “the becoming – child” of a city | KOSTAS ATHANASIOU > Remembrance as Regeneration: Bukit Brown and its Undead | NASRI SHAH and MELANIE CHUA > Unearthing the contentious notions of citizenship of the crisis-driven neoliberal restructuring: from aesthetized to dissensual practices of producing the common space in Thessaloniki, Greece | MARIA KARAGIANNI & MATINA KAPSALI > Mapping emergent identities and places: an overview of new cultural geographies in Thessaloniki |FOTEINI MAMALI > The city and the stranger: towards an Athenian emancipatory expressionism | VASO MAKRYGIANNI > The irregular occupation of urban space | SALLY JANE HOLE > Drifting Eastwards | MARIA DOMENICA ARCURI > La ciudad como escenário corporizado | CLAUDIA EDITH ÁLVAREZ PÉREZ > Street Theater and Urban Space | PETRA ZIST > Discursos urbanos: pintadas poéticas en medio de la ciudad burocratizada | MIGUEL ÁNGEL VALENZUELA > Protest, resistance and musical intervention: Punk in Portugal| PAULA GUERRA & ANA OLIVEIRA > Transition of the global city | EXPODIUM (NIKOS DOULOS, FRISO WIERSUM, BART WITTE) > Uno de los lugares más bellos del mundo | RAFAEL PINILLA > The Art of Tactics: Sophie Calle’s practice of the everyday | LESLIE ALLEN > Watch your step! A guide for extreme urban conditions | KATERINA ZISIMOPOULOU & MYRTO VOREAKOU > Nuevas cartografías: el caso de #MappingArt Valladolid | MARTA ÁLVAREZ GUILLÉN > Collaborative mapping to make a collective narrative of the city | ILARIA VITELLIO > “Conectados”. Mobile information-hub for Mexican immigrants in New York City | ALAN GRABINSKY >, juegos que permiten democratizar la ciudad | MARIA ARÁNZAZU PÉREZ INDAVEREA > Intervenciones virtuales localizas. Transgresiones del espacio mediante realidad aumentada móvil como campo para la creación artística | ALEJANDRO SCHIANCHI > Artistic Practices as an approach to recycle neglected architectural spaces | SAMEH EL HALWANY (GUDRAN) - English / Arabic > What is that we were worried about? | MERVE BEDIR & AYÇA İNCE > New Platforms of Art Education for Urban Reflection The case of ADRIART site-specific workshops for European Capitals of Culture | LARA BADURINA & PETER BURG ONLINE EXHIBITION: > Cegos (Blind) | DESVIO COLECTIVO > Heimat Obstruction | RICCARDO ATTANASIO > Una estrategia de la apariencia | VERÓNICA VICENTE > Metamorphosis | PENELOPE VLASSOPOULOU > Presumptuous | SUNITA PRASAD > Sopa de paredes | CLAUDIA GOMES > Multibasket – No one wins | LLOBET & PONS > Move w i t h (out) | SOMETHING HUMAN > Aletéhia | ANAÏS FLORIN > Perspectivas efímeras | MARINA MAKRI > Disappearing Memory Series | YAN FONG > Landscape | IVAN ŠULETIĆ > Cliff Dwellers (Drone Study #4) | ROBERT SPAHR > EXIT – There is always a way out | EMMANUELE PANZARINI > The illusion of an oasis | BANU COLAK > Biotope | SLAV NEDEV > Oasis Urbanos | ANDRÉS TORCA > The Parking Trees | JOANA PINHEIRO DE MAGALHÃES > Census of Weeds | ANNE PERCOCO > Land | YUNTING TSAI