Open Call - Submission of mobile phone footage of the everyday | SULAIMAN MAJALI



Image by Sulaiman Majali - ©Sulaiman Majali 2014


This is an open call for submissions of short clips of the everyday from Europe and the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) Region.

Artist Sulaiman Majali is creating a piece of work involving the selection and curation of the submitted material in forming a piece of work which requires the public to participate in submitting short film documents of their respective situations and surroundings at the time of recording.

This project requires participants from Europe and the MENA region, to record "everyday" footage on their mobile phones, nothing staged, out of the ordinary or scripted, but a short (no longer than 2minute) documentation of their respective situations/surroundings/environments.

By submitting a short clip, the participant and all people who feature in their clips must agree to the footage being used for the creation and public exhibition of the work. Submissions that are used in the final production of the piece will be credited online at

Footage should be sent as AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, M4V, or MP4* File. (*Most common format for Smartphones)

DEADLINE: Thursday 26 June 2014

For submissions and any queries you might have e-mail