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Artist-in-residence program AIR 2014

2 places: July to Setember and October to December

Deadline: 20 April 2014

Characteristic of the project to be accomplished:
We expect it to possess professional quality, but more than anything we expect it to be DIFFERENT, DARING and GROUND-BREAKING. We do not care for its commercial potential but its authenticity, boldness and also the ability to innovate and connect with the public.

Duration: 3 months. The project's presentation will take place in the last month of the residence.

Disciplines: Visual and plastic arts.

Working languages: Spanish, Catalan, German or English.

Workplace's features:
- Place: Wta.
- 20m2 workshop equipped as in the picture . Open to public from Tuesdays to Fridays from 19:30 to 20:30.
- Resting area, study and  cleaning material.
- Internet access.
Lodging's characteristics:
- Place: Wta.
- 7m2 room with a height of 1,90 m, equipped with a bed, desk, closet, hangers and drawers foro storing colthes. There's no door, only a curtain, but, it's on another flor and the only access  is a snail staircase it guarantees privacy.
- Bathroom and Shower.
- Office with fridge, microwave and coffee machine.

Housekeeping: The resident artist must keep the workplace and living area clean and tidy, as help with the chores in the common areas as well.

Work attitude: We offer not vacations, but a working place. The resident artist is an essential part of WTA and therefore  have  to be envolved and be present most of the time.

Number of resident artists by period: 1
We have the following periods:
- January-March.
- April-June.
- July-September.
- October-December.
Requirements to apply for a place:
- Legal age.
- Presentation at along with a file describing the project to be made.
- File's content:
. Brief and concise description of the project (objectives, methodology and exposure mode). One-page only PDF.
. Graphical documentation of previous works, 5M PDF as maximum.
. Artistic CV resumé. one-page only PDF.

Announcement: Call for 2014 is open.

- On Wta's behalf: Rent and lodging.
- On the resident artist's behalf: Travel, maintenance, medical insurance and materials. Collaboration in the cost of electricity and gas, as the consumption that generates and his /her economical possibilities.

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