Sep 2017 |

Rana Begum: Space Light Colour | MONSERRAT PIS MARCOS



The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts has recently opened an individual exhibition on Rana Begum (b. 1977), a contemporary artist with a growing international reputation. Spanning the last decade of her production and featuring over 25 works, this is her first solo show in a museum.

May 2015 |

Reconceptualizing Body, Space and Place: Telepresence in Art* | MARISA GÓMEZ



The body is, in common terms, the physical and material structure of human being. It’s the framework of cells and tissues that articulates our complex biological system. The body is organic matter that, as such, gets corrupted, aged and finally dies.

However, the body is much more: it is the means through which we relate to the environment, the material form of our way of being-in-the-world and the place where subjectivity, feeling or identity meet.

Jul 2013 |

The "Space of Flows" as Social Imaginary: Interpretation and Representation in Digital Artistic Practices (Part I) | MARISA GÓMEZ


Part II

According to many scholars, the cultural change produced by the ICTs has entailed a modification in the traditional notions of space and time, as basic coordinates of human experience and as socially and historically constructed notions.

Aug 2011 |

Cuestionando la Desterritorialización. Hiperterritorio, Dimensiones Imaginarias del Espacio y Nuevas Cartografías | MARISA GÓMEZ


El fenómeno de las redes y su influencia sobre los procesos socio-culturales parece haber sufrido enormes transformaciones así como un nuevo auge en el contexto actual de la Globalización. Esto se debe, en parte, a que una de las bases de este proceso de Globalización es la interconectividad posibilitada por las tecnologías de información y comunicación digitales (TIC). Así habría surgido lo que el sociólogo Manuel Castells ha denominado “Sociedad Red”, una sociedad permanentemente conectada y en constante movilidad geográfica y virtual.

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