Jan 2021 |

On the “aura” of the old museums and the “experience” of new ones | ANSELM JAPPE


In 2002, the art historian and theorist Hal Foster observed in his book Design and Crime, that the main purpose of the museum in the postmodern age is no longer the contemplation of the exhibits[1]. The exhibits exist also in the form of electronic archives and can be consulted anywhere, normally without even paying.

Jan 2021 |

Good Bye, Lenin? A Footnote on the Dismantling of Monuments | HANS-PETER SÖDER


Tell them in Lacedaimon, passer-by
that here, obedient to their word, we lie.

             Simonides of Ceos


Earth! render back from out thy breast
    A remnant of our Spartan dead!
Of the three hundred grant but three,
To make a new Thermopylae!

Lord Byron, The Isles of Greece


When the gods have been expelled from the cosmos, the world they have left becomes boring.

Jan 2021 |

Respirator Not Included / Monumental mistakes | SHERRY MILLNER & ERNEST LARSEN


Respirator not included: An Introduction | ERNEST LARSEN

“I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it.”

--Samuel Goldwyn, notorious old-Hollywood film producer


Jan 2021 |

Contemporary art and semiotics: We are responsible for the heroes we have | DARIA ARKHIPOVA & ALUMINÉ ROSSO


A. Aluminé Rosso: An interview | DARIA ARKHIPOVA


Contemporary art and semiotics: We are responsible for the heroes we have

This interview explores the role of semiotics in studying valorisation and interpretation processes in contemporary art. The aim is to demonstrate the need for both professionals and the general public to use semiotic concepts and to be acquainted with them while engaging with contemporary art.

Jan 2021 |



A. Hidden gems in Rome: The original point of view of Leonidas Halkidis | DARIA ARKHIPOVA & FEDERICO BELLENTANI

Dec 2020 |

SUBVERSIÓ! La mirada transversal de la historia. Una exposición de arte en El Born CCM de Barcelona | MARCO TONDELLO


El término subversión deriva del latín subvertor y significa trastocar, dar la vuelta, alterar el orden establecido, bien sea de índole política, social o moral.

Dec 2020 |

OPEN CALL: Mink Festival



Mink festival
A zoo of the pandemic


Nov 2020 |

#internetflags. Banderas de Irma Marco | ARIANNA ESPOSITO & MARCO TONDELLO


En este momento, mientras estoy escribiendo, estoy produciendo datos. 

Cuando leas este artículo, estarás produciendo datos. 

Inevitablemente, inconscientemente e irremediablemente, somos todos consumidores y productores de datos, tanto visibles como invisibles, técnicamente llamados metadatos. 


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