The I-Node of the Planetary Collegium is currently accepting applications for


Body, Minds and New Technologies development programme for transdisciplinary projects

Date: 10-15 September, 2014
 | Entry deadline28 July, 2014 | 

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Becomebecome, a 5-day masterclass in the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece, is an opportunity to introduce a personal or professional project and amplify, augment and communicate it.
This process will transform every idea into a vibrant structure in order to discover new information about the project’s nature.
Each member of the masterclass will have an opportunity to communicate and finally evaluate the results of this process in collaboration with experts in the field of Art, Science and Technology.

It is a chance for wide variety of creators (visual artists, performers, dancers, educators, programmers) and researchers to bolster their proposals and create alliances to develop and conduct their projects within a transdisciplinary platform.